Dublin House
Howth, Ireland
A striking new build house on the Howth Head
peninsular outside Dublin. Floor to ceiling
glazing allows unobstructed views out to
Dublin Bay and back across the City,
whilst the careful placement of the house on
the complex sloping site avoids any harm to
the heavily protected, beautiful landscape.

Dublin House
Howth, Ireland
Stages Completed
This plot of lands sits on a steeply sloping hillside on the Howth peninsular which overlooks the Dublin Bay and Irish Sea. An existing 1960s bungalow built by a former air pilot currently sits on the centre of the site but the building is now very dated and MortonScarr was appointed to lead the design for a new replacement home.

The new house has been relocated further up the site and elevated with an additional floor to maximise the stunning panoramic views which were previously inaccessible. Planning approval was obtained first time following a extensive initial design process which included presenting a series of design options which all met the Clients wishes to create a larger family home fitting for the sites potential.

The house is entered on the upper level via a sweeping driveway. The front door is located within a large external circular courtyard with a glazed wall which connects the internal and external areas The upper floor include a large open plan living space, a library zone, garage, utility and back of house spaces. The master bedroom is located in a two-storey section which is accessed via a bridge over the stair area with the bedroom on the upper floor and the bathroom on the lower floor, the block has been strategically placed with a direct view of the Dublin Bay lighthouse. The lower floor has been set in to the hillside and includes five bedrooms and a children’s play area together with external storage areas, plant rooms and a wine store

The house is clad using local Howth stone on the lower levels and master bedroom block, the walls then extend in to the sloping hillside and create walls to the garden and driveways. The rest of the building is largely glazed to take in the panoramic views, with timber cladding and a slim profile green roof. This roof blends in to the green landscape due to the location of the house which is visible from walkways within the Howth Special Amenity Order Area. Each living space has been carefully positioned to take in a specific view, which was calculated via view studies at the outset of the project. Construction of the house will start in early 2019.
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