Heathervale House
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
The refurbishment and extension to an existing
dated office block in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
The existing 3-storey office block was stripped back to
its structural frame and re-clad with concrete tiles
and brass window boxes. The building was extended
to the rear and two new storeys were added,
clad in bronze louvres.

Heathervale House
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Stages Completed
Located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, this three storey office building was tired and dated both internally and externally. The concrete frame was originally clad in brick, slate and hung tiles with brown framed windows which were small and limited the daylight to the office spaces

The design brief for MortonScarr was to maximise the commercial potential for the site and to create an attractive landmark building for the town. Initial options presented to the planning department and conservation team and well received and planning consent was approved first time for a large rear extension, a new glazed lift extension to the front, and two additional fully glazed stories on top of the existing roof. The entire façade is being re-clad and projecting boxes are being added to the façade. A material pallet of aluminium and bronze has been used to contrast and complement the cement panel cladding. Large expanses of glazing have been used to add daylight to the new office spaces which are shaded by two-storey bronze louvers. The project is currently in construction and due to complete in 2019.
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