Scotts Lane
Bromley, London
Seven new private apartments located
over three floors in this new development.
Located on a busy inter-section, the building
set back from the road and clad in
red brick and zinc.

Scotts Lane
Bromley, London
Stages Completed
This corner site in South London sits on a busy intersection in an area which has been developed heavily in recent years. The only building on the site is a small bungalow which is out of place and does not match the surrounding larger developments. Planning had already been achieved on the site for 4 new apartments, but the existing design was considered to be dated and did not match the requirements for the developer. MortonScarr was appointed to provide a fresh design approach for the site and an application was submitted for Planning in 2018 for 7 new apartments. These units are located within a building which has a similar volume to the consented scheme but utilises unused areas like the roof spaces which have now been turned in to a usable floor, with contemporary oversized dormers.

Large amenity and green spaces have been designed to ensure that the leafy feel of the area is not lost. These provide private and shared gardens for the residents together with a generous onsite parking provision.

The building is clad in a red brick with a large zinc roof. A series of daylighting studies informed the design stage and make sure that each apartment benefits from large windows on multiple sides. The existing trees and planting are being retained with a new landscaping scheme that ensure that the building blends in to the site.
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