Hearn Place
Four family homes located in a private gated
site hidden from the neighbouring terraces
with tree-lined boundaries.
Timber screening to the elevations creates
visual interest and blocks overlooking
between the plots.

Hearn Place
Stages Completed
This back land plot was previously filled with vacant garages and identified as a potential development opportunity by our Client. The land is sandwiched between two residential terraces and a unique approach was needed to fit in a new row of dwellings without impacting the existing terraces from an overlooking, and daylighting perspective.

MortonScarr completed all stages of work on the project from feasibility to site assistance. A planning approval was obtained on the first attempt for this contemporary design of 4 new houses. The design of the houses is based on a repeated pattern of four large boxes which are countered by four smaller boxes with smaller roof forms. These boxes which run along the site horizontally alternate between white rendered set back sections, and the larger extruded forms which are clad in a dark material which extends over a pitched roof. Timber cladding and screening has been used in small areas to break up the design and create interesting sections which act both as shading for the large windows, and screening for overlooking. Each of the houses include large gardens, a private garage, 3 large double bedrooms and a ground floor with an open plan living space.
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